VoltrexGold set to launch by mid next year

Voltrexians, VoltrexGold officially sets to launch by Mid Next Year. As the project is in its early stage, we are putting all efforts into building a vibrant community for our users. We allocated 5% for airdrops and rewards for the community, this will commence in the second stage. We have different stages to cover before we enter into the market fully and we are allocating 10% of the total supply to cover these stages.

The first stage we are currently on is the Private Sales,
this round is for our first adopters and it comes with discounts and bonuses.

The second stage is the Pre Sales, the funds generated from the Private Sales
will be used for massive campaigns, marketing and brand awareness to prepare us
for the ICO. This stage investors, industry experts and well networked people
are given last chance to invest into the project with discounted token price.

The third stage is the ICO, this is the main crowd sale for our tokens.
Since marketing momentum has reached its climax and most of the potential investors
are aware of the ongoing crowd sale. Our investors confidence will be at its highest level
after succeeding at the earlier stages and raised significant funding already.

At this stage we wont provide any discounts any more for the tokens since
the campaign is already in a more advanced stage and appears like a lower risk for contributors, we intend to
sell out the remaining 5% of the total allocated tokens for these stages before entering the market.

The last stage is the After Markets, after the ICO event are over each contributors should receive their share
of the total token pool. The tokens are transferred to contributors according to the contributions, KYC acceptance
and wallet addresses collected by the ICO project management. After the ICO we start at latest at
this stage to setup a favorable environment for the token after markets. Immediately after the ICO we start negotiations with different
token exchanges that host platforms for cryptocurrency and token peer-2-peer trading.

After ICO, we will start focusing on delivering our development milestones promised in our roadmap.
We will focus on improving our product, gaining more users and utilizing the token value increase mechanisms
at use to keep the project and the community attractive for new users and investors.

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