VoltrexGold is a digital asset deployed on the ethereum blockchain designed for users to experience the benefit of stability, security and efficiency in your digital transactions. VoltrexGold will be the first community stablecoin backed by gold, where all voices are heard and your contribution matters.

VXG is for everyone, either you are interested in having physical gold in reserve or you want to trade it as a digital asset. Its main motive is to keep its value according to its own pegged asset which is gold.


Benefits of VoltrexGold

Stability Through Gold Backing
VoltrexGold is backed by physical gold reserves, providing stability and reducing volatility commonly associated with cryptocurrencies. Each VXG token represents a certain amount of gold, ensuring that the token maintains an intrinsic value tied to this precious metal.
Gold Mining Project
VXG goes beyond simply being a gold-backed cryptocurrency. it is intricately linked to a gold mining project, giving token holders an additional layer of assurance. The project leverages cutting edge mining technologies and sustainable practices to extract gold efficiently and responsibly, fostering trust and credibility among investors
Transparency & Auditing
To maintain trust and transparency, VoltrexGold undergoes regular audits by third-party firms. These audits ensure that the gold reserves backing the tokens are accurately represented, providing investors with the confidence that their investments are genuinely supported by physical assets
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