Contract vs Full-Time Employees: How to Make the Right Decision

Contract-to-hire employees prove themselves long before you have to make a long-term commitment. The freelance designer who updated your website may enjoy the flexibility of their contractor position. In general, consultants only determine client needs; they don’t actually do the work. If you run a local business that serves a local market, this can be crucial to your success.

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It includes how your hiring affects the economy, future job prospects, and your company’s long-term health. Contract-to-hire is a type of job that brings in a contractor for a short-term project that can—if both parties agree—turn into a full-time job at the end of the project. Bringing on contractors reduces the risk a business takes on hiring full-time.

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It isn’t unusual for an independent contractor to be working on projects for several clients at any given time. Frankly, they generally have to in order to make ends meet; simply by virtue of being independent, the contractor is likely to hold less loyalty for any single company. Both parties agree on how the fee will be paid, but it’s usually paid at the end of the contract when all the work has been contract vs full time salary completed to the satisfaction of the business owner. Sometimes, a contract worker will request a deposit or a portion as a retainer. Most commonly, though, you’ll see an invoice from a contractor at the end of a project. Because, in reality, the hourly or flat-fee rate that you pay for an independent contractor will most likely be higher than you’d pay an employee to perform the same services.

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One of the advantages of W2 employees is that they tend to create a sense of community within the workplace. Long-term employees often feel they have a personal stake in the success of the company and become great word-of-mouth marketing tools. When another client offers a better fee for the services being rendered, there isn’t a guarantee that your favorite contractor won’t leave you and go to your competitor for higher pay. As a result, there can be little to no expectation of a long-term working relationship with your contractor, and you will always need a plan in place for how you will proceed if the contractor becomes unavailable. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Not everyone will want to commit to your organization over the long-term – but many will.

Conclusion: Re-evaluating How We Think About Employment

These are more often offered in a type of contract employee role where you’re expected to show up at set hours and do virtually the same type of thing as regular employees. A contract employee role like this is very different from the freedom that comes with freelancing. The flexibility which freelance work offers is one of the reasons why most people love contract jobs. Rather than staying at the office even when you are not productive, a freelance position allows you to work according to your responsibilities and get paid for the same. While contract jobs can result in full-time employment, most are positions with specific durations. Before choosing between a contract or full-time position, the vital point is to know all the details of the job.

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